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The company maintains offices and warehouse space on Route 102 in Town Hill. Those locations were significantly quieter than usual this year. The remaining managerial staff spent much of their time helping out in the warehouse, where staffing levels were cut from five to two full-time jobs. "There were seldom more than one or two people in the office during the day. Often, if I was there, I would be working in the warehouse," Woodside said. "We decided going into the year that we were going to play that conservatively and take on some of those roles ourselves. We've always been a hands-on team, but it was more so this year than in the past." Woodside has been with Acadia Corp. for 38 years, having started with the company as a store manager at the Thunder Hole gift shop in 1978. The company saw steady expansion over that time, and Woodside said this week that in an ironic way, that very expansion made them vulnerable. "I think we were too successful here in Acadia, to the point where we became attractive to bigger companies. If we had stayed half the size or less, it would have been less attractive," Woodside said. Acadia Corp. was the sole vendor in Acadia National Park from the very inception of the park in the early 1900s. For many years, contract renewals were pro forma. However, recent changes to National Park Service rules created a much more competitive environment. Despite putting a year's time and substantial funds into their application, Acadia Corp. lost their most recent bid to continue as vendor, and Ortega Family Enterprises, doing business in Maine as Dawnland LLC, was given the job. The New Mexico-based company is significantly larger than Acadia Corp, running vendor services in several national parks and steadily expanding. At one time, it seemed like people in the community felt that Acadia Corp. was taking unfair advantage by expanding their presence downtown. It is now clear that that strategy paid off, Woodside said, because the company would have been in much worse trouble without the shops. If there was one positive thing to come out of the events of the past year, it has been learning just how important Acadia Corp. is to people here and how much they really care for the people that work there, Woodside said. "One thing we learned out of the whole process was how much support we had from the local community. It was pretty overwhelming," Woodside said. "You feel like a part of a community, and I think that's one of the things that's lost in these more transient companies. They really are not as much as a part of things locally. They can't be."

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