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Who is Jenquine

Formulated to help protect growth, performance, health and soundness through improved nutrition, Jenquine all-4-feet® is a concentrated feed for all horses andponies - and their FEET. High in biotin, omega 3, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and low in starch and sugar, all-4-feet® is based on vegetable protein meals and contains no grain or grain by-products (eg millrun, hominy meal, bran, pollard) which can contain high levels of starch and sugar. It is especially suitable for those with or at risk of inflammatory conditions - and whenever a low starch/sugar/NSC diet is indicated. It removes the need to feed multiple supplements (except on veterinary advice); can replace manufactured feeds; be added to any roughage/grain-based/manufactured feed diet when recommended daily intakes are not being met or for horses with increased needs, and is especially suitable for horses with veterinary clinical conditions. Jenquine EzyMAG+®: EzyMAG+ 2.5kg bucket low res v2.jpg EzyMAG+ 2.5kg bucket low res v2.jpg Is a supplement for muscle and mind for all horses. Magnesium has a role in the management or risk reduction of several equine clinical conditions, including behavioural problems (nervousness and excitability), Cushings disease (PPID), equine metabolic syndrome (EMS), insulin resistance, laminitis, muscle problems and osteochondrosis. Magnesium requirements are also increased in ageing horses; on lush, rapidly growing pasture; during exercise and training; in lactating and cycling mares, and with travel and transport. Some mares and fillies are more prone to twitchiness, flighty behaviour, muscle pain and tying up when in-season and this has been associated with an hormone-induced fall in blood magnesium levels. Muscle pain, nervousness and tying-up are all found in horses with a subclinical magnesium deficiency, and any horse that ties-up can benefit from extra magnesium in their diet. Young horses, especially those growing rapidly, are at risk of developmental bone disorders. First described mid last century by the American Quarterhorse Association as DOD, this syndrome mostly occurs with fast, rapid growth. Several studies found that supplements containing magnesium reduced OC incidence. It also advisable to ensure that diets for insulin-resistant horses and ponies at least meet the maintenance requirements and many veterinarians recommend 10g of magnesium per day. For all horses and especially pregnant mares, young and older horses the interactions between magnesium, Vitamin E and the immune system are relevant. In pregnant mares this combination has been shown to improve the quality of colostrum, and in older horses, they repair some of the age-related changes in the immune system and increase killing capacity of white blood cells. Jenquine EzyMAG+® is intended to address subclinical deficiencies, the diagnosis of which is often difficult and requires urine clearance tests - but the clinical signs are recognisable. As with any nutritional deficiency, there are individual variations but most equine diets are deficient in magnesium and most horses benefit from supplementation. Jenquine Bone Formula Forte®Read More



PO Box 541, Richmond, New South Wales, 2753, Australia


<$5 Million
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SIC Code 20,204
NAICS Code 3111,311
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Jennifer Stewart
Jennifer Stewart

Chief Executive Officer

Trev Howie
Trev Howie

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Jenquine

Where are Jenquine’s headquarters?

Jenquine’s headquarters are in PO Box 541, Richmond, New South Wales, 2753, Australia

What is Jenquine’s official website?

Jenquine’s official website is

What is Jenquine’s Revenue?

Jenquine’s revenue is <$5 Million

What is Jenquine’s SIC code?

Jenquine’s SIC: 20,204

What is Jenquine’s NAICS code?

Jenquine’s NAICS: 3111,311

How many employees are working in Jenquine?

Jenquine has <25 employees

What is Jenquine’s industry?

Jenquine is in the industry of: Manufacturing, Pet Products

What is Jenquine's tech stack?

The technologies that are used by Jenquine are: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Google Global Site Tag, Twitter Cards, Google Analytics

Who is Jenquine's CEO?

Jenquine's CEO is Jennifer Stewart

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