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J.A.M. Distributing

Electricity, Oil & Gas · Texas, United States · 293 Employees

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PO Box 201979, Dallas, Texas, 75320, United Sta...

Phone Number

(713) 844-7788


$130.6 Million


Electricity, Oil & Gas Energy, Utilities & Waste Treatment

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Who is J.A.M. Distributing

Founded in 1996, J.A.M. Distributing Company is an oil company that specializes in the distribution of petroleum for wholesale purposes. They are based in Houston, Texas.Read more

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J.A.M. Distributing Org Chart

Jackson Mounts

Chief Executive Officer

George Floyd

Vice President, Operations

John Filak

Vice President, Specialty Products



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J.A.M. Distributing Company Metrics

Company Insights
Employee Growth Rate
Acquisitions & Subsidiaries

Jul 18, 2022

New England Resins & Pigments

Jul 18, 2022

GH Berlin-Windward

Jul 18, 2022

Brenntag Lubricants

Nov 01, 2017

Fred Holmberg

Aug 02, 2016


Feb 02, 2016


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J.A.M. Distributing Tech Stack

A closer look at the technologies used by J.A.M. Distributing

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding J.A.M. Distributing

Where is J.A.M. Distributing located?
J.A.M. Distributing's headquarters are located at PO Box 201979, Dallas, Texas, 75320, United States
What is J.A.M. Distributing's phone number?
J.A.M. Distributing's phone number is (713) 844-7788
What is J.A.M. Distributing's official website?
J.A.M. Distributing's official website is www.jamdistributing.com
What is J.A.M. Distributing's Revenue?
J.A.M. Distributing's revenue is $130.6 Million
What is J.A.M. Distributing's SIC code?
J.A.M. Distributing's SIC: 51,517
What is J.A.M. Distributing's NAICS code?
J.A.M. Distributing's NAICS: 42,424
How many employees does J.A.M. Distributing have?
J.A.M. Distributing has 293 employees
What industry does J.A.M. Distributing belong to?
J.A.M. Distributing is in the industry of: Electricity, Oil & Gas, Energy, Utilities & Waste Treatment
What is J.A.M. Distributing competition?
J.A.M. Distributing top competitors include: Mid South Sales, Arguindegui Oil Companies, Palmdale Oil Company, PetroLiance
What companies has J.A.M. Distributing acquired?
J.A.M. Distributing has acquired the companies: New England Resins & Pigments, GH Berlin-Windward, Brenntag Lubricants, Fred Holmberg
What technology does J.A.M. Distributing use?
Some of the popular technologies that J.A.M. Distributing uses are: WooCommerce, WordPress.org, reCAPTCHA, PHP
Who is the CEO of J.A.M. Distributing?
J.A.M. Distributing's CEO is Jonathan Matos
How do I contact J.A.M. Distributing?
J.A.M. Distributing contact info: Phone number: (713) 844-7788 Website: www.jamdistributing.com
What does J.A.M. Distributing do?

Founded in 1996, J.A.M. Distributing Company is an oil company that specializes in the distribution of petroleum for wholesale purposes. They are based in Houston, Texas.... Read More

What are J.A.M. Distributing social media links?
J.A.M. Distributing Linkedin page J.A.M. Distributing Facebook page
Is J.A.M. Distributing a public company?
J.A.M. Distributing is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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