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Chemicals & Related Products · Pakistan · 540 Employees

Established in 1962, Ittehad Chemicals is a publicly listed chemical manufacturing company. They are based in Pakistan.Read More


Who is Ittehad Chemicals

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39 Empress Rd, Lahore, Punjab, 54000, Pakistan
Phone Number

Phone Number

+92 4236306586
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Ittehad Chemicals Ltd

Ittehad Chemicals Limited - Official

SIC Code 28,281
NAICS Code 32,325
Ticker PSX: ICL

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Javed Iqbal
Javed Iqbal

Chief Financial Officer

Aamir Mughal
Aamir Mughal

Chief Financial Officer


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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Ittehad Chemicals

Where is Ittehad Chemicals located?
Ittehad Chemicals's headquarters are located at 39 Empress Rd, Lahore, Punjab, 54000, Pakistan
What is Ittehad Chemicals's phone number?
Ittehad Chemicals's phone number is +92 4236306586
What is Ittehad Chemicals's stock symbol?
Ittehad Chemicals's stock symbol is ICL
What is Ittehad Chemicals's official website?
Ittehad Chemicals's official website is
What is Ittehad Chemicals's Revenue?
Ittehad Chemicals's revenue is $85.6 Million
What is Ittehad Chemicals's SIC code?
Ittehad Chemicals's SIC: 28,281
What is Ittehad Chemicals's NAICS code?
Ittehad Chemicals's NAICS: 32,325
How many employees does Ittehad Chemicals have?
Ittehad Chemicals has 540 employees
What industry does Ittehad Chemicals belong to?
Ittehad Chemicals is in the industry of: Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Glass & Gases, Manufacturing
Who is the CFO of Ittehad Chemicals?
Ittehad Chemicals's CFO is Aamir Mughal
How do I contact Ittehad Chemicals?
Ittehad Chemicals contact info: Phone number: +92 4236306586 Website:
What does Ittehad Chemicals do?

Established in 1962, Ittehad Chemicals is a publicly listed chemical manufacturing company. They are based in Pakistan.... Read More

What are Ittehad Chemicals social media links?
Ittehad Chemicals Linkedin page Ittehad Chemicals Facebook page
Is Ittehad Chemicals a public company?
Yes, Ittehad Chemicals is a public company and is traded under the symbol ICL
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