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Education · Maryland, United States · 577 Employees

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Maryland, Celebree is a franchise child care company that offers a range of services, from infant care, to before and after school programs, and summer camps.Read More

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Who is Celebree School

Celebree School Headquarters


1306 Bellona Ave, Lutherville, Maryland, 21093, United States
Phone Number

Phone Number

(443) 991-4791
Celebree School Revenue




K-12 SchoolsEducationCelebree School's Social MediaPopular SearchesCelebree SchoolCelebree Learning CentersCelebree Holding IncCelebree Learning CenterCelebree School of LuthervilleSIC Code 83,835NAICS Code 62,624Show More

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Celebree School Org Chart

View Celebree School org chart to access information on key employees and get valuable insights about Celebree School organizational structure. The organizational chart highlights the reporting lines within the company, starting with Richard Huffman - the Chief Executive Officer of Celebree School, and followed by additional decision makers: Allan Greenberg, Chief Financial Officer, and Laura Rice, Chief Marketing Officer.
Richard Huffman
Richard Huffman

Chief Executive Officer

Allan Greenberg
Allan Greenberg

Chief Financial Officer

Laura Rice
Laura Rice

Chief Marketing Officer


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Celebree School Company Metrics

Company Insights
Company Insights
Employee Growth Rate
Employee Growth Rate
Celebree School Funding
Funding DateMar 15, 2021
Funding DateApr 11, 2020
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Celebree School Acquisitions & Subsidiaries
Acquisitions & Subsidiaries

Jul 18, 2022

Celebree Holding

Jul 18, 2022

Celebree Schools

Sep 04, 2021

Celebree Learning Centers

Jul 15, 2021


Jun 10, 2020

Camp Hotspots

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Celebree School News & Media

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Celebree School

Where is Celebree School located?
Celebree School's headquarters are located at 1306 Bellona Ave, Lutherville, Maryland, 21093, United States
What is Celebree School's phone number?
Celebree School's phone number is (443) 991-4791
What is Celebree School's official website?
Celebree School's official website is www.celebree.com
What is Celebree School's Revenue?
Celebree School's revenue is $131.4 Million
What is Celebree School's SIC code?
Celebree School's SIC: 83,835
What is Celebree School's NAICS code?
Celebree School's NAICS: 62,624
How many employees does Celebree School have?
Celebree School has 577 employees
What industry does Celebree School belong to?
Celebree School is in the industry of: K-12 Schools, Education
What is Celebree School competition?
Celebree School top competitors include: Doodle Bugs!, Variety Child Learning Center, Brightside Academy, The Children's Workshop
What companies has Celebree School acquired?
Celebree School has acquired the companies: Celebree Holding, Celebree Schools, Celebree Learning Centers, Celebree
Who is the CEO of Celebree School?
Celebree School's CEO is Richard Huffman
Who is the CFO of Celebree School?
Celebree School's CFO is Allan Greenberg
How do I contact Celebree School?
Celebree School contact info: Phone number: (443) 991-4791 Website: www.celebree.com
What does Celebree School do?

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Maryland, Celebree is a franchise child care company that offers a range of services, from infant care, to before and after school programs, and summer camps.... Read More

What are Celebree School social media links?
Celebree School Linkedin page Celebree School Facebook page Celebree School Twitter page
How much funding has Celebree School raised to date?
Celebree School has raised <$5 Million in 2 funding rounds
When was the last funding round for Celebree School?
Celebree School closed its last funding round on Mar 15, 2021 with the amount of <$5 Million
Who invested in Celebree School?
Celebree School has 2 investors including PPP and PPP.
Is Celebree School a public company?
Celebree School is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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