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Brookfield Asset Management Inc. (Brookfield) is a global alternative asset manager with assets under management who offer a range of public and private investment products and services. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.Read More

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Who is Brookfield

Brookfield Headquarters


181 Bay Street Brookfield Pl Ste 100, Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2T3, Canada
Phone Number

Phone Number

(416) 363-9491
Brookfield Revenue


Stock Symbol

Stock Symbol



Venture Capital & Private EquityFinanceBrookfield's Social MediaPopular SearchesBrookfield Asset Management IncBrookfield Asset ManagementBrookfield PropertiesBrookfield Properties Retail IncBrookfield RenewableSIC Code 67,671NAICS Code 52,525Ticker NYSE: BAMShow More

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Brookfield Org Chart

View Brookfield org chart to access information on key employees and get valuable insights about Brookfield organizational structure. The organizational chart highlights the reporting lines within the company, starting with Bruce Flatt - the Chief Executive Officer of Brookfield, and followed by additional decision makers: Lori Pearson, Managing Partner & Chief Operating Officer, and Nicholas Goodman, Managing Partner & Chief Financial Officer.
Bruce Flatt
Bruce Flatt

Chief Executive Officer

Lori Pearson
Lori Pearson

Managing Partner & Chief Ope...

Nicholas Goodman
Nicholas Goodman

Managing Partner & Chief Fin...



Brookfield Email Formats

Brookfield uses at least 5 email formats with first.last (ex. John.Smith@brookfield.com) being used 47.5% of the time

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Brookfield Company Metrics

Company Insights
Company Insights
Employee Growth Rate
Employee Growth Rate
Brookfield Funding
Funding DateAug 03, 2021
InvestorsWells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase
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Total Funding Amount


Most Recent Funding Amount


Number of Funding Rounds

Brookfield Acquisitions & Subsidiaries
Acquisitions & Subsidiaries

Jul 18, 2022

Algeco Scotsman Group

Jul 18, 2022


Jul 18, 2022

Computerized Vehicle Registration

Jul 18, 2022

Brookfield Residential

Jul 18, 2022

Brookfield Residential Properties

Jul 18, 2022

Newland Communities

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Brookfield Tech Stack

Font Awesome


Font Awesome




jQuery Migrate



Yoast SEO


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Brookfield News & Media

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Brookfield

Where is Brookfield located?
Brookfield's headquarters are located at 181 Bay Street Brookfield Pl Ste 100, Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2T3, Canada
What is Brookfield's phone number?
Brookfield's phone number is (416) 363-9491
What is Brookfield's stock symbol?
Brookfield's stock symbol is BAM
What is Brookfield's official website?
Brookfield's official website is www.brookfield.com
What is Brookfield's Revenue?
Brookfield's revenue is $1.8 Billion
What is Brookfield's SIC code?
Brookfield's SIC: 67,671
What is Brookfield's NAICS code?
Brookfield's NAICS: 52,525
How many employees does Brookfield have?
Brookfield has 2,500 employees
What industry does Brookfield belong to?
Brookfield is in the industry of: Venture Capital & Private Equity, Finance
What is Brookfield competition?
Brookfield top competitors include: Morguard Corp, Tishman Speyer, The Blackstone Group Inc, Ares Management LLC
What companies has Brookfield acquired?
Brookfield has acquired the companies: Algeco Scotsman Group, Cvr, Computerized Vehicle Registration, Brookfield Residential
What technology does Brookfield use?
Some of the popular technologies that Brookfield uses are: Font Awesome, Vimeo, jQuery Migrate, Yoast SEO
Who is the CEO of Brookfield?
Brookfield's CEO is Bruce Flatt
Who is the CFO of Brookfield?
Brookfield's CFO is Nicholas Goodman
How do I contact Brookfield?
Brookfield contact info: Phone number: (416) 363-9491 Website: www.brookfield.com
What does Brookfield do?

Brookfield Asset Management Inc. (Brookfield) is a global alternative asset manager with assets under management who offer a range of public and private investment products and services. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.... Read More

What are Brookfield social media links?
Brookfield Linkedin page Brookfield Facebook page Brookfield Twitter page
How much funding has Brookfield raised to date?
Brookfield has raised $443.1 Million in 1 funding round
When was the last funding round for Brookfield?
Brookfield closed its last funding round on Aug 03, 2021 with the amount of $443.1 Million
Who invested in Brookfield?
Brookfield has 2 investors including Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase.
Is Brookfield a public company?
Yes, Brookfield is a public company and is traded under the symbol BAM
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