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Education · Minnesota, United States · <25 Employees

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12600 Nicollet Ave, Burnsville, Minnesota, 5533...

Phone Number

(952) 895-4685


<$5 Million


Education General Education

Who is Ames Center

Presentations at the Ames Center include cultural events, dramas, comedies, dance and musical acts from local arts organizations and national touri ng artists.Read more

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Ames Center Org Chart

Alexis Roy

Event Manager

Caitlyn Williams

Supervisor, Event



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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Ames Center

Where is Ames Center located?
Ames Center's headquarters are located at 12600 Nicollet Ave, Burnsville, Minnesota, 55337, United States
What is Ames Center's phone number?
Ames Center's phone number is (952) 895-4685
What is Ames Center's official website?
Ames Center's official website is www.ames-center.com
What is Ames Center's Revenue?
Ames Center's revenue is <$5 Million
What is Ames Center's SIC code?
Ames Center's SIC: 79,792
What is Ames Center's NAICS code?
Ames Center's NAICS: 71,711
How many employees does Ames Center have?
Ames Center has <25 employees
What industry does Ames Center belong to?
Ames Center is in the industry of: Education General, Education
What is Ames Center competition?
Ames Center top competitors include: Gerhartz-Wolf, Oxnard Performing Arts Center, Center Stage Theater, Salida Steamplant
What technology does Ames Center use?
Some of the popular technologies that Ames Center uses are: Facebook Web Custom Audiences, Facebook Pixel, reCAPTCHA, Google Universal Analytics
How do I contact Ames Center?
Ames Center contact info: Phone number: (952) 895-4685 Website: www.ames-center.com
What does Ames Center do?

Presentations at the Ames Center include cultural events, dramas, comedies, dance and musical acts from local arts organizations and national touring artists.... Read More

What are Ames Center social media links?
Ames Center Linkedin page Ames Center Twitter page Ames Center Facebook page
Is Ames Center a public company?
Ames Center is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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