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Navigate your Total Addressable Market Provide with access to 104M+ accurate company profiles, 321M+ Contact profiles, and more than 300 company attributes. 

  • Target Key Prospects

    Target Key Prospects

    Gain insight into the org charts, contact information, and more for companies worldwide.

    With full hierarchical maps of the decision making structure at your target accounts, you control when to loop decision makers into the sales process.

  • Reach Active Buyers

    Reach Active Buyers

    Identify prospects at the beginning of their buyer’s journey with real-time intent signals that alert your team whenever companies researching solutions like yours across the web.

"Bringing on ZoomInfo has been the best decision we’ve made.

The depth and breadth of ZoomInfo’s database has enabled us to prospect better accounts and bring in larger deals. In fact, since bringing on ZoomInfo the average company size we’re closing has grown by 2.5x."

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Josh Stern
Josh Stern

Senior Sales Operations Manager


increase in productivity & 3x increase in demos scheduled

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