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ZoomInfo Chorus offers custom plans to drive team performance, build stronger relationships, and acquire unbiased market intelligence.

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Chorus brings customer conversations to life.

We’re getting more data on how we can improve our product and improve our processes across the board.

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Michaela Bulling

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Conversation Intelligence?

Conversation Intelligence analyzes speech or text to derive data-driven insights from conversations between go-to-market teams and customers and prospects. In short, it surfaces insights that shine a light on a previously dark part of the sales funnel – prospect and customer conversations.

How long does Chorus keep call records?

Chorus stores recordings until the admin or recording owner manually deletes it or if the automatic deletion after 180 days is enabled. All privacy and compliance standards are followed with added layers of protection.

Does Chorus have a storage limit?

The limit does not exist! Chorus has unlimited storage – you can have as many recordings as you like.

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