Product Usage Upsell.

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If you sell a product that has a usage revenue model – something that runs out over time – you should automate an upsell motion to resupply your client’s inventory and maintain the account.

For example, at ZoomInfo, we sell credits to export companies and contacts. When those credits run low, an automated trigger prompts us to reach out and inform customers that their balance is low, and that they should purchase more credits or their service may be interrupted.


  • Identify customer’s existing product usage to inform which products to sell them next


  • Source expanded set of contacts which meet your persona definition related to target products to upsell
  • Send records to your CRM
  • Assign to a Account Owner
  • Enroll in Product Usage Upsell Campaign

Messaging Template

Subject: [your company name] — Your credit balance is running low! 

Body: Hi [first name]: 

In reviewing your account, I noticed that you have used almost all of your current credits! It’s great to see you and your team are getting exceptional usage of our product. 

Quick question: Do you have a few minutes [day] to speak about options to replenish your balance to ensure all the functionality is available? 

Let me know what works best. I look forward to speaking with you! 


[sales rep first name]

GPT Email Example




Programs Manager of Business Development

Subject: ZoomInfo Credits – Follow-up

Hi Abigail,

I hope this email finds you well. I noticed that your team’s ZoomInfo credits are running low and I wanted to check in to see if you would like to schedule a meeting to add more. We have seen great success with other companies using our platform to prioritize target accounts and improve their sales process efficiency.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and if you would like to schedule a meeting.


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