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VanDerHeyden Law Office corporate office is located in 302 Elton Hills Dr NW Ste 300, Rochester, Minnesota, 55901, United States and has 12 employees.

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Calie Schaefer

Office Manager and Paralegal


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Frequently Asked Questions regarding VanDerHeyden Law Office Employees

How many employees does VanDerHeyden Law Office have?
VanDerHeyden Law Office has 12 employees
Who are VanDerHeyden Law Office key employees?
Some of VanDerHeyden Law Office key employees are Calie Schaefer
Where is VanDerHeyden Law Office located?
VanDerHeyden Law Office’s headquarters are located at 302 Elton Hills Dr NW Ste 300, Rochester, Minnesota, 55901, United States
How do I contact VanDerHeyden Law Office?
VanDerHeyden Law Office Contact Info: Phone number: (507) 218-7613 Website: www.vanderheydenlaw.com
What does VanDerHeyden Law Office do?

VanDerHeyden Law Office in Rochester, MN provides criminal defense, DWI defense, probation violation representation, and expungement assistance in Minnesota. At a time when your greatest need may be legal representation due to a criminal charge or investigation against you or a family member, we are available to defend you. VanDerHeyden Law Office... provides skilled and confidential criminal defense representation throughout southeastern Minnesota, from misdemeanor to felony level charges. Because the criminal justice system is intimidating and complex, you will be well served by choosing us to handle your case. With respect to defense representation, we handle: ALL CRIMINAL DEFENSE - from misdemeanor citations to serious felony level offenses such as controlled substance charges or assault - our attorneys will defend and safeguard your constitutional rights, and negotiate and advocate on your behalf. ALL DWI DEFENSE - we provide effective representation whether you are faced with a first offense or felony level driving while impaired charge. We are experienced in successfully navigating the implied consent process when you are faced with civil sanctions such as driver's license revocation, plate impoundment, ignition interlock, or vehicle forfeiture. PROBATION VIOLATIONS - do not forget your rights if you or a family member is facing a probation violation; we will assist you in dealing with these matters. EXPUNGEMENTS - we are strident advocates for your restoration rights following a conviction and proof of rehabilitation and mitigation of the negative impact on your housing or employment opportunities. We know the law and we will advise and assist you accordingly. Please see our advertisement in the Rochester, MN Yellowbook directory featuring our 24-hour hotline for immediate access to Attorney Patton C. Prunty.Read More

Is VanDerHeyden Law Office a public company?
VanDerHeyden Law Office is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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