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Tri-Tech Forensics corporate office is located in 8770 Trade St, Leland, North Carolina, 28451, United States and has 68 employees.

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James SeidelTri-Tech Forensics
James SeidelChief Executive Officer, Tri-Technology Forensics & Rescue Essentials
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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Tri-Tech Forensics Employees

How many employees does Tri-Tech Forensics have?
Tri-Tech Forensics has 68 employees
Who is the CEO of Tri-Tech Forensics?
Tri-Tech Forensics’s CEO is James Seidel
Who are Tri-Tech Forensics key employees?
Some of Tri-Tech Forensics key employees are Joseph Lefebvre, Michael Bersani, Eric Barton, Scott Falls, Mike Willison
Where is Tri-Tech Forensics located?
Tri-Tech Forensics’s headquarters are located at 8770 Trade St, Leland, North Carolina, 28451, United States
How do I contact Tri-Tech Forensics?
Tri-Tech Forensics Contact Info: Phone number: (910) 457-6600 Website: www.tritechforensics.com
What does Tri-Tech Forensics do?

Tri-Tech Forensics (TTF) is a leader in providing physical and digital evidence collection solutions and crime scene investigation products to law enforcement markets throughout the world. With over 30 years of experience, TTF is the nation's most proficient developer and manufacturer of forensic evidence collection kits in the market today. TTF's... premiere DNA collection kits have become the benchmark solution for DNA collection for U.S. Federal operations and across law enforcement customers in all fifty U.S. states. TTF continues to develop superior products to aid in all aspects of forensic investigation, crime laboratory analysis, digital forensics, and evidence preservation.Read More

Is Tri-Tech Forensics a public company?
Tri-Tech Forensics is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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