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Tom Anelli and Associates corporate office is located in 272 W Jefferson St, Syracuse, New York, 13202, United States and has 26 employees.

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Thomas AnelliTom Anelli and Associates
Thomas AnelliChief Executive Officer & Managing Attorney
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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Tom Anelli and Associates Employees

How many employees does Tom Anelli and Associates have?
Tom Anelli and Associates has 26 employees
Who is the CEO of Tom Anelli and Associates?
Tom Anelli and Associates’s CEO is Thomas Anelli
Who are Tom Anelli and Associates key employees?
Some of Tom Anelli and Associates key employees are Kayla Hardesty, Paul Hofmann, Melanie Mahoney, H. Hubert, Alexis Proietti
Where is Tom Anelli and Associates located?
Tom Anelli and Associates’s headquarters are located at 272 W Jefferson St, Syracuse, New York, 13202, United States
How do I contact Tom Anelli and Associates?
Tom Anelli and Associates Contact Info: Website: www.dwitom.com
What does Tom Anelli and Associates do?

Tom Anelli & Associates is a DWI Defense firm handling the defense of those charged with DWI across the entire State of New York. Tom Anelli & Associates covers DWI charges in Syracuse, Albany, Watertown, Binghamton, Rochester and Buffalo. Tom Anelli and his team focus solely on defending those charged with DWI and, as a result, have become excepti... onally good at helping those who are troubled by DWI charges. Tom Anelli's passion for defending individuals charged with DWI is fueled by his love for helping others and his belief that those charged with DWI are good people who, have been wrongfully charged, have made a mistake, or are suffering from an alcohol addiction. In the event your charge is the result of a mistake by the police, it is usually as a result of one of three common fallacies in DWI Investigations that Mr. Anelli and his team are exceptionally experienced in identifying and making clear to the prosecution and the court have occurred, while lessening and or removing the consequences of the charge laid against you. When you are wrongfully accused of the charge Mr. Anelli's 13 years of focusing solely on handling DWI cases, and his extensive training throughout the nation you to obtain the best possible result, under the circumstances of their charges. If the charge is the result of an isolated mistake then Mr. Anelli and his associates try and keep your life from becoming derailed as a result of the charge, protecting you and your family. In the event the charge is the result of a problem with alcohol, then Mr. Anelli and his associates use the charge as a means to get you into an alcohol evaluation and the right level of treatment for their problem. After doing so, Mr. Anelli impresses upon the Court and the district attorney, the need to exercise leniency, limiting your exposure to the maximum degree possible.Read More

Is Tom Anelli and Associates a public company?
Tom Anelli and Associates is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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