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R|House Design corporate office is located in PO Box 1153, Chanhassen, Minnesota, 55317, United States and has 4 employees.

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Lori Hemingson

Office Manager


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Frequently Asked Questions regarding R|House Design Employees

How many employees does R|House Design have?
R|House Design has 4 employees
Who are R|House Design key employees?
Some of R|House Design key employees are Lori Hemingson
Where is R|House Design located?
R|House Design’s headquarters are located at PO Box 1153, Chanhassen, Minnesota, 55317, United States
How do I contact R|House Design?
R|House Design Contact Info: Phone number: (612) 961-6190 Website: www.rhousedesignbuild.com
What does R|House Design do?

R|House Design Build is a full service design build company serving the Twin Cities and surrounding suburbs. We are a small company that is focused on bringing quality, simplicity, and efficiency back into the design build process. Together, our experienced designers and production team will coordinate your entire project from the initial conversat... ion through the design phase, selection phase, build and warranty. Our team is there to help guide you and manage the project from start to finish. Always Strive For Better Work. Never Stop Learning. In 2014, Ryan Hemingson started R|House Design Build. After working in the industry for over 10 years, Ryan knew he could start up something that would not only be great, but inspiring. Ryans mission is to help his clients create a space that fits their unique lifestyle and bring it to life. We Love Building Awesome Interiors. You, the client, is our main priority at R|House Design Build. We structure everything around you. All meetings take place within the comfort of your own home and around your schedule. Ryan and his team recognize that this is a huge investment for you and your family. Therefore, transparency and communication are the main components to our success. You get to see where all the numbers are coming from and we keep you updated throughout the entire build of your project. Our process is built around simplicity and transparency. There are four main phases throughout the build of our projects. We begin the process by meeting with our clients in their home to get a feel for their needs, family and lifestyle. Everyone lives in their home differently and has their own unique way of using their space. During this phase we ask our clients detailed questions to find out what their wants and needs are. Ryan will also discuss the desired budget for the space and the other various meetings that will be needed to bring the project to life. If a client decides to proceed after the initial consultation, the next phase it to do a hard measure of the space and go ...Read More

Is R|House Design a public company?
R|House Design is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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