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Regent Textiles corporate office is located in 11 David Tobias Ste 930, New York City, New York, 10001, United States and has 59 employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Regent Textiles Employees

How many employees does Regent Textiles have?
Regent Textiles has 59 employees
Who are Regent Textiles key employees?
Some of Regent Textiles key employees are S. Chowdhury
Where is Regent Textiles located?
Regent Textiles’s headquarters are located at 11 David Tobias Ste 930, New York City, New York, 10001, United States
How do I contact Regent Textiles?
Regent Textiles Contact Info: Website: www.regenttex.com
What does Regent Textiles do?

RTML is fully committed to all aspects of compliance regarding global buyer's satisfaction and honor to laws and acts applicable to Bangladesh. The company is equipped with sound infrastructural arrangement with composite manufacturing facilities having full coverage of weaving, dying, printing, sewing, finishing and packing procedures. The company... is running with 12.00 million meters weaving and 14.00 million meter dying and printing capacity per year. The Textile mills hold a capacity to produce approximately 40,000-50,000 meters fabrics per day. At present, it requires 15,000 kgs ring card and open end cotton yarn (from 6 to 60 counts) per day which are mostly purchased from local spinning mills. The company exports its products to number of world renowned buyers, such as Wall Mart (worldwide) Heimtex AB (Sweden), Red Cats Asia Limited, Princess Groppen AS (Norway), New wave Group SA (Switzerland), Bonfrix (Germany), Silex Vyvoz A Dovoz SRO (Czech Republic), Lidl (France) and Siplec.Read More

Is Regent Textiles a public company?
Regent Textiles is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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