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RACS International corporate office is located in 1125 Hammond Dr Unit 305, Atlanta, Georgia, 30328, United States and has 6 employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding RACS International Employees

How many employees does RACS International have?
RACS International has 6 employees
Who are RACS International key employees?
Some of RACS International key employees are Thien Pham, Hiwot Mekonnen
Where is RACS International located?
RACS International’s headquarters are located at 1125 Hammond Dr Unit 305, Atlanta, Georgia, 30328, United States
How do I contact RACS International?
RACS International Contact Info: Website: www.ravcap.com
What does RACS International do?

Copyright © 2017 RACS International, LLC RACS can be best described by the views predicating the design and implementation of its products and services. Decision making or execution algorithms are not the products sought out by investors but are merely quantitative sequences of automated instructions designated to meet their users objectives; For t... hese algorithms to be persuasive, they should answer the questions on what objective they meet, why they meet that objective, why they meet that objective optimally, and how their logistic design and deployment environment supports the addressing of the previous three questions and enables efficient deployment. Predicting or forecasting the future is the prerogative of prophets and not one of RACS; latency feedback control mechanism, offers definition and implementation of enhanced with learning capacity algorithmic behavioral strategies, adaptable under the streaming reality. kind decision making algorithm suited to a particular strategy does not necessarily imply that distinct clients will demonstrate identical performance; Due to the differences in risk and capital allocation policies of different clients, including of their complementary portfolios, and the asynchronicity of submitted orders, the same algorithms may not always lead to the same outcome; Differences may also result from the departure of the evolution of these portfolios at some future moment throughout the life of the given algorithm; If the two executions of the same algorithm do not depart during its lifetime, it only means that the market can sustain identical executions of the same strategy by both agents. Being also dismissive of the traditional efficient markets hypothesis, whichever form it may be stated in, and finding that this hypothesis is not only not true but also is not the proper nomenclature for trading and asset management rationalization, RACS believes that, except miraculously, no trader or asset manager acts on an individual level optimally within the context of his/her own ...Read More

Is RACS International a public company?
RACS International is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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