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PrimeMD corporate office is located in PO Box 3389, Westerville, Ohio, 43086, United States and has 24 employees.

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Kathy Wright

Director, Operations

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Drasti Patel

Director, Clinical Operations


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Frequently Asked Questions regarding PrimeMD Employees

How many employees does PrimeMD have?
PrimeMD has 24 employees
Who are PrimeMD key employees?
Some of PrimeMD key employees are Kathy Wright, Drasti Patel
Where is PrimeMD located?
PrimeMD’s headquarters are located at PO Box 3389, Westerville, Ohio, 43086, United States
How do I contact PrimeMD?
PrimeMD Contact Info: Phone number: (844) 281-4471 Website: www.primemd.com
What does PrimeMD do?

At PrimeMD Clinics, we have a very specific philosophy that drives us to deliver first-rate care to our patients. We believe in the energy and power of the human self and all the wondrous things it can accomplish. We put this belief in action every day by empowering our staff, both our doctors and our administrators, to take the actions that they f... eel necessary to provide great medical care to their patients. It is this individualized, personal approach that separates PrimeMD from many others providing medical care. We believe this thinking will lead us to great new improvements and developments in the 21st Century.Read More

Is PrimeMD a public company?
PrimeMD is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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