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Particle Dynamics corporate office is located in 2629 S Hanley Rd, St. Louis, Missouri, 63144, United States and has 64 employees.

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Paul BradyParticle Dynamics
Paul BradyChief Executive Officer
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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Particle Dynamics Employees

How many employees does Particle Dynamics have?
Particle Dynamics has 64 employees
Who is the CEO of Particle Dynamics?
Particle Dynamics’s CEO is Paul Brady
Who are Particle Dynamics key employees?
Some of Particle Dynamics key employees are Barry Henry
Where is Particle Dynamics located?
Particle Dynamics’s headquarters are located at 2629 S Hanley Rd, St. Louis, Missouri, 63144, United States
How do I contact Particle Dynamics?
Particle Dynamics Contact Info: Phone number: (314) 968-2376 Website:
What does Particle Dynamics do?

Particle Dynamics is an innovative global leader in the particle processing, delivery technologies and finished dose manufacture, providing a wide range of products and services to the nutraceutical, consumer health, OTC, and pharmaceutical sectors. Operating from FDA inspected facilities in North America, Particle Dynamics offers five technology a... nd service lines including: Spray Drying, Complex Granulation, Microencapsulation, Iron Deficiency Technologies, and Finished Dosage Manufacturing in a customer-focused solution-provider model. In addition, Particle Dynamics is a recognized global leader in the supply of highly functional materials including Direct Compression Calcium and Magnesium Carbonates, and a variety of microencapsulated vitamins, minerals, and OTC active pharmaceutical ingredients.Read More

Is Particle Dynamics a public company?
Particle Dynamics is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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