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Northside Movement corporate office is located in 402 Heidelberg Rd, Fairfield, Victoria, 3078, Australia and has 2 employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Northside Movement Employees

How many employees does Northside Movement have?
Northside Movement has 2 employees
Who are Northside Movement key employees?
Some of Northside Movement key employees are Michael Singline
Where is Northside Movement located?
Northside Movement’s headquarters are located at 402 Heidelberg Rd, Fairfield, Victoria, 3078, Australia
How do I contact Northside Movement?
Northside Movement Contact Info: Website: www.northsidemovement.com.au
What does Northside Movement do?

WE AT NORTHSIDE MOVEMENT SET OUT TO BUILD A TRAINING COMMUNITY OF LIKE-MINDED INDIVIDUALS IN A SPACE THAT WOULD ENABLE THEM TO THRIVE. TO LOVE TO EXERCISE. TO BECOME LIFELONG ATHLETES. In 2016, we had the opportunity to take over the Pride Athletic Womens Only training business in Clifton Hill and to share our time exercising with a great bunch of... sassy, hard working Women. Sounds fun?! Yeah, it was. We obviously couldnt resist and grabbed the chance with both hands. Fast forward 4 and a bit years, a pandemic, thousands of sweaty workouts and we now find ourselves as Northside Movement. A community focused personal gym that has the magic of Pride Athletic deep at its core and a diverse range of other training options for both Men and Women to share the Northside training experience. Helping people find their training mojo and turning it into a lifelong venture is what we do. Whether it be to finish our first first fun run, to conquer a mountain by bike, to keep up with our kids as they start to find a new pace of life or to finish a workout we didn't think we could. Taking thoughtful action enables these moments. It allows us to maintain our physicality as we age, to adventure further and to have confidence that we can go the distance.. however far that may be. The true magic happens when we share and feel the training experience together. This is what truly makes us unique. Our people. A group of everyday people that value their health, their physicality and their wellbeing and most importantly.. Each other. They are prepared to do the work (in here we call it play.. you may know it as training) to continue to feel good, stay healthy and be strong. A group of everyday people that support each other and recognise individuality amongst the common goal of being the healthiest, strongest version of themselves. Our training space provides the programs, the details, the community and the support necessary to make this so much more than just"exercising". CONNECT, ADVANCE & BELONG. We will always be THE PEOPLES GYM.Read More

Is Northside Movement a public company?
Northside Movement is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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