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Metsel corporate office is located in 35a Mckimmie Rd, Palmyra, Western Australia, 6157, Australia and has 2 employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Metsel Employees

How many employees does Metsel have?
Metsel has 2 employees
Who are Metsel key employees?
Some of Metsel key employees are James Hallam
Where is Metsel located?
Metsel’s headquarters are located at 35a Mckimmie Rd, Palmyra, Western Australia, 6157, Australia
How do I contact Metsel?
Metsel Contact Info: Phone number: +61 894671891 Website: www.metsel.com.au
What does Metsel do?

Metsel was founded in 2015 on the belief that our silo systems and application equipment could greatly reduce the building times for construction projects. Metsel has been known for years and appreciated as a producer of a wide range of ready-made dry mortars and other mixtures for the builders. We have invested in the latest equipment, so that we... continuously ensure the same high quality for every project you embark on. Our products are continuously monitored by our own onsite laboratory to ensure continuing quality. All our products are available in silos and in 2017 Metsel will produce 25kg bags. We have a custom mix for each application: for priming or porous stone, stone mixtures with different processing times, thin-bed mortars, waterproof mortars We also provide custom dry concrete mixes and special mixes for grouting and filling floorings and pavements and screeds. Today Metsel is the leading name in dry mortar in Australia. Our silo system has revolutionised the market for dry mix products, delivering consistently high quality materials and excellent service. Metsel is investing heavily in manufacturing plants and equipment to build an extensive network of dry mix manufacturing facilities. Our products meet the most demanding requirements for performance and aesthetics. We use the finest raw materials and the latest production technology, operating to the highest quality standards. We offer excellent support to specifiers, whether on product specification, colour matching or selection of finishes. Our site logistics expertise contributes to improved site management, bringing real benefits boosting quality, saving time and reducing waste. Our silos and application equipment lead to increased productivity, getting key materials directly to where they are needed. We offer a complete package of dry mix products and related services, backed up by skilled technical support. We aim to meet the complex demands of specifiers and users, offering solutions for each construction phase.Read More

Is Metsel a public company?
Metsel is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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