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Mazza Iron & Steel corporate office is located in 60 Solar Dr, Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, 19030, United States and has 15 employees.

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Phillip Krieger

Chief Financial Officer


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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Mazza Iron & Steel Employees

How many employees does Mazza Iron & Steel have?
Mazza Iron & Steel has 15 employees
Who is the CFO of Mazza Iron & Steel?
Mazza Iron & Steel’s CFO is Phillip Krieger
Who are Mazza Iron & Steel key employees?
Some of Mazza Iron & Steel key employees are Phillip Krieger
Where is Mazza Iron & Steel located?
Mazza Iron & Steel’s headquarters are located at 60 Solar Dr, Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania, 19030, United States
How do I contact Mazza Iron & Steel?
Mazza Iron & Steel Contact Info: Phone number: (215) 880-7807 Website: www.mazzaironsteel.com
What does Mazza Iron & Steel do?

Mazza Iron & Steel, located in Fairless Hills PA, is a family owned business with over 32 years of industry experience. We pride ourselves on treating you the way we would want to be treated. Integrity and friendly customer service are not just words to us.... they are the cornerstone of our business. Mazza Iron & Steel specializes in the collectio... n, processing and recycling of ferrous material. Our exceptional management team is able to make quick decisions which expedites and simplifies the process for our suppliers and customers. Our strengths are flexibility, continuous communication and a lean infrastructure. These allow us to provide you with the service you deserve at the prices you want. We are your scrap alternative.Read More

Is Mazza Iron & Steel a public company?
Mazza Iron & Steel is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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