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KeyReturn corporate office is located in 3 & 18-20 Hotham Parade, Artarmon, New South Wales, 2064, Australia and has 3 employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding KeyReturn Employees

How many employees does KeyReturn have?
KeyReturn has 3 employees
Who are KeyReturn key employees?
Some of KeyReturn key employees are Mike Coates, Aaron McKinnon
Where is KeyReturn located?
KeyReturn’s headquarters are located at 3 & 18-20 Hotham Parade, Artarmon, New South Wales, 2064, Australia
How do I contact KeyReturn?
KeyReturn Contact Info: Phone number: +61 1300250162 Website:
What does KeyReturn do?

We receive and return lost sets of keys each week on behalf of the brands who use our service. Some lost keys have been returned as quick as 15 mins after being left behind, others returned through our Australia Post service have saved clients hundreds to over a thousand dollars in not having to replace their cars keys, remotes, house keys, post bo... x keys that are attached to their keyring. Credit back to the brand on the keyring Each returned set of keys allows the company on the keyring to re-connect with their client and share the good news story in their company communication. Simple & Effective Our keyrings make it easy for finders to contact us or simply direct them to deposit them in an Australia Post box for a secure return to us. From us then contacting the owner of the lost keys, our simple and effective recovery service makes returning lost keys simple and convenient. Secure & Confidential registration Each keyring has a unique ID code. When registered, the keyring owners details are 100% secure and confidential. We do not share the registration details with anyone, nor do we market to the registered owner. The registration details are purely kept for the return of lost keys. Lifetime of the keyring feature Your company and your client is protected for the Lifetime of the keyring. That means for as long as your customer keeps using your branded / KeyReturn keyring they will receive their keys back free of charge Dual Branding & Sponsorship opportunity Some of our clients dual brand their keyring to show who they support in the community for further positive exposure. Protects Your Marketing Investment Your keyring is 10 times more likely to be used and kept by your clients because it has the free return feature included. Australia Wide protection Through our simple return service through Australia Post and our 1300 phone number for finders of lost keys to connect with us, keys with a KeyReturn keyring attached are more likely to be returned to their owner more than any other method available. ...Read More

Is KeyReturn a public company?
KeyReturn is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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