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Karting Tasmania corporate office is located in PO Box 1297, Oxenford, Queensland, 4210, Australia and has 14 employees.

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Kelvin O'ReillyKarting Tasmania
Kelvin O'ReillyChief Executive Officer
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Robert Baker


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Michelle Rowe


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Brenton Taylor



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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Karting Tasmania Employees

How many employees does Karting Tasmania have?
Karting Tasmania has 14 employees
Who is the CEO of Karting Tasmania?
Karting Tasmania’s CEO is Kelvin O'Reilly
Who are Karting Tasmania key employees?
Some of Karting Tasmania key employees are Robert Baker, Michelle Rowe, Brenton Taylor
Where is Karting Tasmania located?
Karting Tasmania’s headquarters are located at PO Box 1297, Oxenford, Queensland, 4210, Australia
How do I contact Karting Tasmania?
Karting Tasmania Contact Info: Phone number: +61 756554340 Website: www.karting.net.au
What does Karting Tasmania do?

The Australian Karting Association Ltd trading as Karting Australia (KA) is the governing body for the sport of Karting in Australia. Formed in 1966 Karting Australia has produced some of Australia's finest motor racing talents. In September 2013 a new structure for the sport was introduced with a highly motivated skills based Board and new CEO bei... ng installed to run and develop the sport. The power and authority to organise and control the sport within Australia has been delegated to Karting Australia by the Federation Internationale de 'l Automobile (FIA) through the Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS).Read More

Is Karting Tasmania a public company?
Karting Tasmania is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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