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JLL corporate office is located in 200 E Randolph Dr, Chicago, Illinois, 60601, United States and has 21,141 employees.

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North America8,077
South America348

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Ruben JumawanJLL
Ruben JumawanChief Executive Officer, Residence Management
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Key Employees of JLL

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    PaulE Morgan

    Executive Managing Director, Americas WD Chief Ope...

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    Wendy Wai

    Chief Financial Officer, Greater (China)

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    Gita de Beer

    Chief Marketing Officer (APAC) & Jll Board Executi...

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    Yishai Lerner

    Co-Chief Executive Officer (JLL Technologies)

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    Carol Araki

    Chief Operating Officer, Markets Operations

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    Yuji Toda

    Chief Financial Officer (Japan)


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  • Contact Name profile photo for Shawna BursonShawna Burson
  • Contact Info email Email direct Direct
  • Job Title Director, Specialist Advisory Consultant To the U. S. Department of Energy's Loan Programs Office
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  • Last Update 3/31/2023
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Frequently Asked Questions regarding JLL Employees

How many employees does JLL have?
JLL has 21,141 employees
Who is the CEO of JLL?
JLL’s CEO is Ruben Jumawan
Who is the CFO of JLL?
JLL’s CFO is Yuji Toda
Who are JLL key employees?
Some of JLL key employees are PaulE Morgan, Wendy Wai, Gita de Beer, Yishai Lerner, Carol Araki
Where is JLL located?
JLL’s headquarters are located at 200 E Randolph Dr, Chicago, Illinois, 60601, United States
How do I contact JLL?
JLL Contact Info: Phone number: (312) 782-5800 Website:
What does JLL do?

Established in 2019, JLL Technologies helps organizations transform the way they acquire, manage, operate, and experience space.... Read More

Is JLL a public company?
Yes, JLL is a public company and is traded under the symbol JLL
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