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Jhump & Associates corporate office is located in 1998 Fm 362 Rd, Pattison, Texas, 77423, United States and has 8 employees.

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    Buddy Mee

    Vice President & Chief Operating Officer


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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Jhump & Associates Employees

How many employees does Jhump & Associates have?
Jhump & Associates has 8 employees
Who are Jhump & Associates key employees?
Some of Jhump & Associates key employees are Buddy Mee
Where is Jhump & Associates located?
Jhump & Associates’s headquarters are located at 1998 Fm 362 Rd, Pattison, Texas, 77423, United States
How do I contact Jhump & Associates?
Jhump & Associates Contact Info: Phone number: (281) 496-7000 Website:
What does Jhump & Associates do?

Jhump provides you with the answers you need. Working as an extension to your efforts, Jhump can now provide human resources, accounting and audit project solutions with the same customer-focused approach that has allowed us to become one of the most reliable solution providers to the oil industry. When the need arises, you can be confident that Jh... ump is the company to turn to. 5 Reasons to use Jhump for advisory services. Global Network of Associates - Access to resources of all types across the world. Throughout our decades of experience in the industry, we have gained access to solution-oriented resources worldwide. Jhump has a talent pool of seasoned professionals eager to accept your challenges and deliver pointed, value-added solutions. Industry Experience - First-hand knowledge of all facets of your projects and operations. It's essential to have the best going to work for you. Our resources typically have a minimum of 20 years direct experience in the oil business. Whatever the issue, our personnel have likely experienced it firsthand and can offer practical, actionable solutions. Flexible Capabilities - Utilizing Jhump's Advisory Services serves as a direct extension to provide value to your stakeholders. Jhump's unique value proposition contains more flexibility and responsiveness than our competitors. Our project teams are typically smaller and capable of addressing unique circumstances to your satisfaction. Save Time & Money - Reach your objectives in an efficient and cost effective manner. Our project teams are staffed to provide superior knowledge and expertise as close to the issue and as economically as possible. Management oversight is optimally balanced, which yields delivery of more practical value. Jhump's approach results in a competitive pricing alternative to mainstream providers. Knowledge Transfer - Gain access to our wealth of knowledge and experience. In an extension of your personnel development activities, our teams work directly with your staff to impart our collective knowledge. ...Read More

Is Jhump & Associates a public company?
Jhump & Associates is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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