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Honeydew Consulting corporate office is located in 10611 Kirkside Dr, Houston, Texas, 77096, United States and has 31 employees.

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Robb QuillerHoneydew Consulting
Robb QuillerChief Executive Officer
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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Honeydew Consulting Employees

How many employees does Honeydew Consulting have?
Honeydew Consulting has 31 employees
Who is the CEO of Honeydew Consulting?
Honeydew Consulting’s CEO is Robb Quiller
Who are Honeydew Consulting key employees?
Some of Honeydew Consulting key employees are David Benhammou
Where is Honeydew Consulting located?
Honeydew Consulting’s headquarters are located at 10611 Kirkside Dr, Houston, Texas, 77096, United States
How do I contact Honeydew Consulting?
Honeydew Consulting Contact Info: Phone number: (914) 263-0487 Website: www.honeydewconsulting.com
What does Honeydew Consulting do?

Let's get it done. Honeydew consultants have the experience and application knowledge to build quickly and efficiently. Push the boundaries of what your lab can do. Our technical advisors can architect solutions and help you resolve technical issues that may come up. Need some extra support? We offer short term contracts for when you need that extr... a hand either on the floor or helping technically in the command center. Our experts combine their experience with in-depth Beaker data structure knowledge to meet your Reporting Workbench and Clarity (Crystal Reports) needs. Get the most out of your system with end-to-end workflow reviews and modularized implementation plans that fit your lab. When you work with a Honeydew Consultant, you have access to the full team of experts. Whether it means jumping on a conference call to answer best practice questions or flying out to help with build during crunchtime, our team will be there to support your needs. Beyond Beaker, our team includes experts with training in the following ancillary systems: With our deep familiarity with Epic and lab processes, our PMs have both the technical and workflow experience to help mitigate risks before they are escalated and better evaluate true lab specific timelines in addition to understanding how to work with lab SMEs, end users, and analysts alike. We know that go-live events are stressful high-stakes events. When it comes to having extra at-the-elbow support or command center staffing during that critical transition, we will do what it takes to make sure your bases are covered. Working with Honeydew Consulting has been a pleasure. Robb is a natural leader, and his professional skills and behavior set a great example for his team. His strong technical skills provided support for the whole Beaker team and he was able to guide us towards creating workable workflows. Sandi Oldenberg Beaker Team Lead - St. Luke's (Boise, ID) The collaborative nature promoted by the Honeydew team was an anomaly compared to other consulting companies. ...Read More

Is Honeydew Consulting a public company?
Honeydew Consulting is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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