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Hirani's Civilcon Private corporate office is located in Xaver's School f-223 Earth Residency Dn Dube Road Ratan Nagar Near St, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400068, India and has 297 employees.

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Adnan HiraniHirani's Civilcon Private
Adnan HiraniChief Executive Officer
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  • Contact Name profile photo for Khalid AbbasiKhalid Abbasi
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  • Job Title Senior Manager, Marketing Services & Access Operations
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  • Last Update 5/23/2024
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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Hirani's Civilcon Private Employees

How many employees does Hirani's Civilcon Private have?
Hirani's Civilcon Private has 297 employees
Who is the CEO of Hirani's Civilcon Private?
Hirani's Civilcon Private’s CEO is Adnan Hirani
Who are Hirani's Civilcon Private key employees?
Some of Hirani's Civilcon Private key employees are Ali Hirani
Where is Hirani's Civilcon Private located?
Hirani's Civilcon Private’s headquarters are located at Xaver's School f-223 Earth Residency Dn Dube Road Ratan Nagar Near St, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400068, India
How do I contact Hirani's Civilcon Private?
Hirani's Civilcon Private Contact Info: Phone number: +92 2135823572 Website: www.hiranis.com
What does Hirani's Civilcon Private do?

Hiranis promotes various platforms for knowledge sharing including Conferences, Camping Activities, Symposia in hospitals for doctors. It continues its efforts towards customer education on various diseases and their symptoms and cures, thereby increasing customer awareness. Our approach to satisfy the Doctors and the health care professionals coul... d only be possible with the help of our skilled sales team that are located all over Pakistan. We consider our field force as the building block of our company therefore we equip them with product knowledge, detailing guidelines on the products and scientific promotional materials. Our strategy is always measurable and achievable and we work to differentiate our company with the rest with keeping our customers health and requirements in mind. Our vision is our strength.Read More

Is Hirani's Civilcon Private a public company?
Hirani's Civilcon Private is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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