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Gabriel Adelagunja corporate office is located in United States and has 4 employees.

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Maggie Papava

Manager, Public Relations


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  • Contact Name profile photo for Scott JonesScott Jones
  • Contact Info email Email direct Direct
  • Job Title Political Candidate
  • Location
  • Last Update 2/3/2023
  • Contact Name profile photo for Tracy for MayorTracy for Mayor
  • Contact Info email Email direct Direct
  • Job Title Mayor Candidate for North Little Rock, AR
  • Location
  • Last Update 1/17/2023
  • Contact Name profile photo for Rich SmithRich Smith
  • Contact Info email Email direct Direct
  • Job Title Candidate for the Office of the Sheriff
  • Location
  • Last Update 1/11/2023
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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Gabriel Adelagunja Employees

How many employees does Gabriel Adelagunja have?
Gabriel Adelagunja has 4 employees
Who are Gabriel Adelagunja key employees?
Some of Gabriel Adelagunja key employees are Maggie Papava
Where is Gabriel Adelagunja located?
Gabriel Adelagunja’s headquarters are located at United States
How do I contact Gabriel Adelagunja?
Gabriel Adelagunja Contact Info: Website: www.gabrieladelagunja.com
What does Gabriel Adelagunja do?

With the grace of almighty God, Ive been very fortunate to serve in the defense of our great country. I also graciously worked and volunteered diligently with our leaders in the state of Delaware and beyond. I strongly believe Im fully prepared to add value in rebuilding District 26 and Delaware at large. With COVID-19 Pandemic ravaging the entire... world, enormous challenges lay ahead for communities of the world. Ready to take the next step and support Gabriel? The General Election is September 15, 2020. All men are created equal. Equity is not judged by skin color, rather guaranteed equal right. Gabriel Adelagunja Education needs an equitable funding system. Thats why education funding reform is my top priority and I will be establishing a coalition of parents, teachers, educators in our district to address this issue. Healthcare should be free for all. I will propose a policy to improve access to healthcare and show how to pay for it without making it a burden to my constituents. The bedrock of our economy as we know it is small businesses . When we support small businesses it not only strengthens our economy, but also builds stability and the future of upcoming generations.I will propose policy to strengthen small businesses. Ready to Support Gabriel Adelagunja?Read More

Is Gabriel Adelagunja a public company?
Gabriel Adelagunja is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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