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ENA Game Studio corporate office is located in 10718 151 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T5P 1V7, Canada and has 13 employees.

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Inbarasu GovindarajENA Game Studio
Inbarasu GovindarajChief Executive Officer
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  • Last Update 5/5/2024
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Frequently Asked Questions regarding ENA Game Studio Employees

How many employees does ENA Game Studio have?
ENA Game Studio has 13 employees
Who is the CEO of ENA Game Studio?
ENA Game Studio’s CEO is Inbarasu Govindaraj
Who are ENA Game Studio key employees?
Some of ENA Game Studio key employees are Palani Selvaganapathy
Where is ENA Game Studio located?
ENA Game Studio’s headquarters are located at 10718 151 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T5P 1V7, Canada
How do I contact ENA Game Studio?
ENA Game Studio Contact Info: Website: www.enagamestudio.com
What does ENA Game Studio do?

ENA Game Studio was established in the year 2013, with the vision, "WE DELIVER, AS WE ASSURE". ENA focuses with the perspective measure of developing 2D animated games, and by its virtue, has gone beyond all extremes to integrate its desire. We are induced by our intense through innovative ideas in Game Development, Mobile Application Development,... Graphic Designs and Creative Marketing Services. ENA offers peer-to-peer game client and server development services for mobile phones, tablets and PCs that are adaptable for Android, IOS or Windows. We achieve in delivering quality products through prominent teams of developers, designers, concept artists, testers and quality assurance. ENA Game Studio was started with merely 7 employees. Now, it stands tall with 70 plus employees and expanding its wings to take off to heights. ENA Game Studio established its name and fame in the Western origin by developing the games for the players, who play regularly. ENA Game Studio is planning to create 3D animated games in the near future and establishing a concrete base for this. ENA Game Studio have a focused vision in enhancing its entertainment media vision which will produce its own animated series in 3D and which will slowly start to produce 3D animated feature films, which will be released worldwide. The passion for entertainment lies within us and hence we at ENA Game Studio are throttled to deliver the best at all times to its passionate audience. Hence, we will promise to deliver our best quality to make the folks happy every time. ENA Game Studio will stand up to its promises, in order to deliver the best to our customers; thereby we will sacrifice but never will compromise.Read More

Is ENA Game Studio a public company?
ENA Game Studio is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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