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Dragicevic Associates corporate office is located in 90 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, Ontario, M4P 2Y3, Canada and has 25 employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Dragicevic Associates Employees

How many employees does Dragicevic Associates have?
Dragicevic Associates has 25 employees
Who are Dragicevic Associates key employees?
Some of Dragicevic Associates key employees are Erik Retz, Mike Bennett, Laura Kalbun, Sean McGaffey, Pam Casey
Where is Dragicevic Associates located?
Dragicevic Associates’s headquarters are located at 90 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto, Ontario, M4P 2Y3, Canada
How do I contact Dragicevic Associates?
Dragicevic Associates Contact Info: Phone number: (416) 968-3511 Website: www.wndplan.com
What does Dragicevic Associates do?

Walker, Nott, Dragicevic Associates Limited provides a "hands-on" approach to serving clients, organizing and tailoring each project team to the client's specific requirements and the nature of the project. The WND Team is comprised of many hard-working and experienced professionals and support staff. Each project team is headed by a senior member... of the firm who maintains a high degree of involvement in all stages of the project and in all decision making to ensure the highest level of service and maximize the effectiveness of our solutions. Our professional team includes highly qualified and accredited planners, planning technicians, urban designers, and a staff librarian who are supported by administrative and research personnel. As many planning projects require contributions from various disciplines, the WND team can coordinate and manage multi-disciplinary teams and, if required, recommend qualified professionals in a broad range of discipline. A brief description of our senior staff's experience is provided below: Robert A. Dragicevic, BES, MES, MCIP, RPP Senior Principal A Principal since 1984, Bob Dragicevic joined Walker, Nott, Dragicevic Associates Limited in 1979, after achieving degrees in planning from the Universities of Waterloo and York. Bob is a Registered Professional Planner, and belongs to a number of other professional organizations such as the Ontario Expropriation Association and Lambda Alpha. Bob is considered by many to be a leading planning consultant in a wide variety of land use planning matters. Bob has applied his experience and energetic project management skills to development applications diverse in both type and scale, in numerous municipalities throughout Ontario, ranging from: large-scale mixed use and residential community plans in the Greater Toronto Area to small-scale residential projects; planning for major retail shopping centres and large-format retail stores to a wide range of small-scale commercial providers (including petroleum-related sales); and, redevelopment ...Read More

Is Dragicevic Associates a public company?
Dragicevic Associates is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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