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Crossroads Insurance Services corporate office is located in 2045 E Shiloh Rd, Corinth, Mississippi, 38834, United States and has 7 employees.

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Frank Maglalang



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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Crossroads Insurance Services Employees

How many employees does Crossroads Insurance Services have?
Crossroads Insurance Services has 7 employees
Who are Crossroads Insurance Services key employees?
Some of Crossroads Insurance Services key employees are Frank Maglalang
Where is Crossroads Insurance Services located?
Crossroads Insurance Services’s headquarters are located at 2045 E Shiloh Rd, Corinth, Mississippi, 38834, United States
How do I contact Crossroads Insurance Services?
Crossroads Insurance Services Contact Info: Phone number: (662) 286-6962 Website: www.crossroadscis.com
What does Crossroads Insurance Services do?

At Crossroads Insurance Services we deliver the best products at the most competitive prices while treating you like family. We do things a little differently than your "typical" agency. We hope you'll find that that's a good thing! We genuinely enjoy helping people and offer a more comfortable, laid-back vibe than most insurance offices you've com... e across. We are professional in all the ways it really matters- like knowing the products and industry and safeguarding your information. But sometimes we wear jeans (*gasp*). We're real people who live and work in this community. We see you at the grocery store, our kids play ball together, and we hope to run into you at church on Sundays. Our professional services are FREE and come standard with integrity and caring...because it's who we are! Our number one priority is YOU- understanding your needs and goals, finding the best product to accomplish those, and making sure you get the best price for what you need! We're an Independent Agency! What does that mean and why does it matter? It means we work for YOU; not the insurance companies! There are no quotas to meet, no managers over our shoulders, and no pushy sales scripts! We are free to choose which products to offer from which insurance companies. This gives you the best advantage when it comes to shopping for insurance! We can take the best of what each company has to offer and provide it to you all at the same place! You don't have to deal with 1-800 numbers or earn a Google degree in insurance to check all of your options. We do all of that for you! Seriously, we take so. many. tests. We do training and testing every year with each insurance company that we work with, for each product we choose to offer. We take Continuing Education classes every year to be sure we are staying up to date on all of the latest. We also do HIPAA training every year, along with meeting a host of other Federal requirements.Read More

Is Crossroads Insurance Services a public company?
Crossroads Insurance Services is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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