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Bosch Rexroth corporate office is located in 5150 Prairie Stone Pkwy, Hoffman Estates, Illinois, 60192, United States and has 3,303 employees.

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North America1,256
South America384

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Gregory HenriquezBosch Rexroth
Gregory HenriquezPresident & Chief Executive Officer (North America)
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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Bosch Rexroth Employees

How many employees does Bosch Rexroth have?
Bosch Rexroth has 3,303 employees
Who is the CEO of Bosch Rexroth?
Bosch Rexroth’s CEO is Gregory Henriquez
Who is the CFO of Bosch Rexroth?
Bosch Rexroth’s CFO is Christoph Kleu
Who are Bosch Rexroth key employees?
Some of Bosch Rexroth key employees are Thomas Pierburg, Christoph Kleu, Blair Rexroth
Where is Bosch Rexroth located?
Bosch Rexroth’s headquarters are located at 5150 Prairie Stone Pkwy, Hoffman Estates, Illinois, 60192, United States
How do I contact Bosch Rexroth?
Bosch Rexroth Contact Info: Phone number: (220) 220-1113 Website:
What does Bosch Rexroth do?

Founded in 2001, Bosch Rexroth AG specializes in the field of drive and control technologies. Under the Rexroth brand name, the company supplies customers with tailored solutions for driving, controlling, and moving. Bosch Rexroth is a partner for mobile applications, machinery applications, and engineering, factory automation, and renewable energi... es. The company provides customized solutions tailored to the needs and specifications of each individual market. Bosch Rexroth develops, produces, and sells components and systems worldwide. It is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.Read More

Is Bosch Rexroth a public company?
Bosch Rexroth is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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