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Bankson Engineers corporate office is located in 267 Blue Run Rd Ste 200, Cheswick, Pennsylvania, 15024, United States and has 40 employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding Bankson Engineers Employees

How many employees does Bankson Engineers have?
Bankson Engineers has 40 employees
Who are Bankson Engineers key employees?
Some of Bankson Engineers key employees are Thomas Bankson, Randy Krause
Where is Bankson Engineers located?
Bankson Engineers’s headquarters are located at 267 Blue Run Rd Ste 200, Cheswick, Pennsylvania, 15024, United States
How do I contact Bankson Engineers?
Bankson Engineers Contact Info: Phone number: (412) 767-5100 Website: www.banksonengineers.com
What does Bankson Engineers do?

Bankson Engineers is among the oldest and most respected consulting engineering firms in Pennsylvania. ince 1951, the firm has specialized in providing municipal and sanitary engineering services.Bankson Engineers is recognized as a leader in the water/wastewater engineering profession. We take pride in our reputation for providing technically comp... etent yet personalized service to our clients. e have served many of our clients on a continuing basis for over thirty years. e feel our firm's size and organizational structure allow us to give the same diligent attention in addressing the engineering problems of each client, regardless of their size. t present, we serve some of the largest as well as some of the smallest utilities and municipalities in Pennsylvania. Our firm offers a wide range of professional engineering services, including design of water supply, treatment, distribution and storage facilities; sewage collection and treatment facilities: streets and highways; municipal swimming pools; and stormwater handling facilities. In addition to design services, we also provide studies, reports and evaluations, inspection of construction, contract administration and grantsmanship efforts for the above-mentioned facilities. e also assist in the preparation of subdivision and land development, zoning and stormwater management ordinances, and perform reviews of land developments in the administration of these ordinances. Bankson Engineers' support services include a competent surveying department, properly outfitted with modern equipment for topographic and property surveys. We feel our single greatest asset is our staff. Most of our professional and support staff have spent their entire careers in water/wastewater and municipal engineering. hat depth of experience yields a very high quality of technical excellence within our area of specialization. We feel our experience also allows us to provide cost-effective engineering designs which only a very high degree of familiarity with technical problems and ...Read More

Is Bankson Engineers a public company?
Bankson Engineers is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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