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AllKeyShop corporate office is located in Hong Kong, Central and Western, China and has 18 employees.

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Lionel BernardAllKeyShop
Lionel BernardFounder & Chief Executive Officer
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Frequently Asked Questions regarding AllKeyShop Employees

How many employees does AllKeyShop have?
AllKeyShop has 18 employees
Who is the CEO of AllKeyShop?
AllKeyShop’s CEO is Lionel Bernard
Who are AllKeyShop key employees?
Some of AllKeyShop key employees are Jerome Alban
Where is AllKeyShop located?
AllKeyShop’s headquarters are located at Hong Kong, Central and Western, China
How do I contact AllKeyShop?
AllKeyShop Contact Info: Website: www.allkeyshop.com
What does AllKeyShop do?

Allkeyshop (AKS) started in 2014 to help gamers find the best games at the lowest prices available from all around the world. Today, AKS is the leader in the industry for CD key price comparison and we have the biggest selection of deals for games and software all at the lowest prices possible. We only compare prices and do not sell anything. Howev... er, we have a fantastic and dedicated support team that you can send an email to. Our support team is available for you to ensure that you get the best experience possible, painless and free of stress. Our support team is incredible! We have a fantastic and dedicated support team available 24/7, whose job is to ensure you get a painless and stress-free experience. Every day, they give you a great experience, help improve our comparison engines accuracy, and process pricing error reports directly from those using the site. Note: Please keep in mind that some problems may require access to your purchases confidential data and, therefore, can only be resolved by the seller. Allkeyshop will always support you during this process, and we will even contact the seller ourselves if needed. We want to hear from you! We are nothing without our incredible community. We value what you have to say, and that is why we want your opinion on every store and game found on Allkeyshop. Digital goods require no plastic or physical box, and we believe that to be a positive step in reducing our carbon impact on this beautiful planet. We are committed to supporting others through charity and you can click here to learn more. Again, we are here because of you! Did you know that we offer a reward program?! Well, we do. We have designed our reward program for you. We can gift out thousands of games and prepaid cards thanks to our partners, such as instant gaming , kinguin and hrk . Theres more! We also have an Allkeyshop HOURLY Lottery and our Twitch Subscriber-Only Lotteries, as well as plenty more. That reminds us, we have a Twitch channel at Allkeyshop_TV where we bring you the latest ...Read More

Is AllKeyShop a public company?
AllKeyShop is private company therefore does not currently have an official ticker symbol
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