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Chief Executive Officer & Art Teacher
President GMOA, Artist, Art Teacher
Teacher - President of the Art Studio of Lake Mary - School of Art
Arts Chairman and Teachers Association President
Teacher of Arts In Nature and Vice President
Kindergarten Teacher, Art Teacher, and Curriculum Director
Art Teacher and Gallery Director
Music Teacher and Performing Art Director
Subject Head and Art, Teacher
Fine Arts Teacher and Drama Director
Performing Arts Teacher, Technical Director, Media, Visual and Performing Arts Department
Theatre Arts Teacher
Director, Technology & K-12 Librarian & Teacher & Grade Science & Art Teacher
Head Of Department (The Arts) and MYP Drama, DP Theatre Teacher
Head of College Counseling, Art Teacher
Art Director & Teacher
Director, Business Operations & Secondary Art Teacher
Head of Visual Art and Studio Arts Teacher
Language Arts Teacher and Department Head
Orchestra and Music Teacher, Richland Performing Arts Center Director