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President and Chief Executive Officer Volkswagen Group of America
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer BARTEC US Corporation and Senior Vice President Americas BARTEC Group
Group Brit America Management, Inc President & Chief Executive Officer
Group Mekco Aviation, Mekco Aircraft Maintenance, Airfi America, Satto Repair Center , Blend14 Aero President & Chief Executive Officer (USA)
Group President, Ipsos (North America)
Group President, North America US Wholesale
Group President, Industrials & Technical Services (Americas)
Group President (Americas)
Group President (North America)
Global Director, Retail & Group President & Chief Operating Officer (Americas)
Group President (North America)
Group Executive and President Latin America
President & General Manager, Infrastructure Solutions Group (North America)
Group President (North America)
Chief Operating Officer and Group President (North America)
Group President, Mirion Technologies (North America)
General Manager - Gullco International Latin America Operation and President of Weldspray Group.
Group President, Lhh, At The Adecco (North America)
Chief of Staff To the Executive Vice President of Human Resources, Volkswagen Group of America, Inc
Group President, Ideal Electrical, & Latin America (Canada)
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