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Diverse System Solutions Inc President & Chief Executive Officer
Dynamic Chief Executive Officer and Accommodations Expert, National Authority On Disability, Diversity and Compliance
Chief Executive Officer and Founder SalonFAD, Fight Against Diversion
Chief Executive Officer, Prelude Solutions Women Owned Advocate For Diversity & Equity Inclusion True Connector Proud Mom Mentor & Activist For Kindness Sponsor
President & Chief Executive Officer, Strategic Business Development & Diversity Services
Diversity Advantage International President & Chief Executive Officer
Chief Human Resources & Diversity Officer
Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer
President, Education, Diversity & Inclusionn1120 Pearl Park Way, Suite 200
Chief Financial Officer, Audit & Managing Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Champion
Chief Diversity Officer & Special To The Assistant & President, Strayer University
Interim Chief Diversity Officer & To The Assistant & President
Inclusion Diversity Chief & Officer & Chief People Officer, Corporate
President, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
Institutional Diversity & Equity Chief of Staff
Global Chief Operating Officer, Diversity & Inclusion
Global Chief Operating Officer, Diversity & Inclusion
Chief of Staff for the Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer
Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Diversity Officer
President, Big Xii Association of Diversity Officers In Higher Education