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President & Global Chief Executive Officer, Jhr & Associates Llc A Management Consulting Company
Associates' President
President, Chapter of The Private Directors Association (Pda, Charlotte)
President, Firefighters Association Local 660 (Charlotte)
President of Canopy REALTOR Association, Canopy MLS and Canopy Housing Foundation
Associate Veterinarian and Chief of Staff
Associate VP, Its & Chief Information Officer
President, Asu Alumni Association Chapter (Wilmington)
Associate Chief Information Officer
Interim Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer At Appalachian State University
Acting Associate Director, Medical Center, Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System
Associate Provost
Associate Provost
Associate Provost, International Programs
Associate Controller
Associate Controller
Associate Vice Chancellor and University Controller
Associate Vice Chancellor of Diversity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer
Senior Associate Controller
Associate Provost
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