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Chief Sales Officer, Accounts Management
Managing Principal & Chief Sales Officer
Vice President, Strategic Capture, Proposal & Sales Operations Management
Sales Account Manager
Executive VP, Account Management & Field Sales
Tensile Structures CO-Founder ( Sales Manager)
Founder & Support Developer & Manager, Sales, Marketing
Sales Manager & Founder
Founder & Sales Manager
Founder & Director & Sales Manager & Application Support Accountant & Your Go To Guy Clerk
Sales Manager & Co-Founder
Head Managing Director, Sales (Americas)
Vice President, Sales & Relationship Management
Vice President, Sales & Customer Management
Managing Director, Reciproci, International Sales
Vice President, Business Development Sales, Strategic Partnerships, Revenue, Expansion, Data Management, Ai
Managing Director, Sales
Vice President, General Manager, East Japan Business Unit 2 (Service Provider Sales Unit)
Global Managing Director, Sales
Managing Director, Sales