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Chief Financial Officer, Accounting
Chief Financial Officer, Accounting, Customer Care, Business Process
Global Chief Financial Officer, Nonprofit Strategic Operations & HR Driving Organizational Impact Cpa Shrm-Cp Leader
Chief Financial Officer, Cpa
Chief Financial Officer & Manager, Accounting
President of National Association of Black Accountants
Accounting Chief Financial Officer & Director
Chief Financial Officer, Chartered & Professional & Accountant & Vice President, Finance & Administration
President, Past Petroleum Accountants Society (Austin)
Certified Public Accountant and President
President NT Divisional Council of CPA
CPA and Lawyer - Experienced Chief Financial Officer
Chief Financial Officer, Modernized Finance Accounting Processes, Programs & Strategy
Chief Financial Officer, Cpa & Real Estate Development
President, Past Canadian Academic Accounting Association 2023-24
Chief Financial Officer, Modernize Finance Accounting Processes, Plans & Strategies
Controller, CPA, CA
Accounting Controller
Vice President & Controller. Accounting & Finance
Controller & Chief & Accountant
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