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Chief Financial Officer & Regional Sales Director
Director, Regional Sales & Vice President (North, East)
Regional VP, Eastern & Sales Director
Head Managing Director, Sales Region
Regional Managing Director, Lead Hospitality Key Accounts & Gp Sales Excellence (India, Asia)
Managing Director - India and Regional Sales Director Care Specialties Asia Pacific
Regional Sales Officer (North America) & Managing Director (USA, Canada)
Vice President, International Sales & Regional Director, Northeast (USA)
National Sales Manager & Regional Sales Manager & Sales Director & Regional VP & Sales Engineer & Technical Sales Manager & Business Development Manager & Account Manager & Product Manager
Managing Director, Sales, Mega Region (India)
Director, Regional Sales & Vice President
Regional Deputy Managing Director, Head of Sales
Director, Regional Sales & Vice President
Regional Managing Director & Sales Manager (East, Asia)
Regional Sales Director & Managing Director (Hong Kong)
Regional Manager, Sales Marketing Latin America & Managing Director, Serap Chiles
Vice President and Regional Sales Director, Strip Division, India Region and Director - AIPL
Vice President- Industrial Business Development and Director of Sales- Southern Region (Municipal)
Director, National Beer Sales Marketing & Regional VP, Wine & Spirits
Regional Sales Director
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