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Chartered Accountant. Chief Financial Officer. Strategy and Management. Budget and Control. Finance and Accounts. Compliance and Risk. Audit and Taxation. Mergers and Acquisitions
President of Altra and General Manager of North America Key Accounts
Manager, Account Receivable & Credit Controller
Manager, Accounts & Acting Financial Controller
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing and Global Account Manager
Vice President, Business Development & Account Management
Vice President, Account Management & Development
Vice President - Senior General Manager - National Key Accounts
Vice President, Sales Strategic Accounts & Manager
Vice President, Account Management & Sales
Vice President, Sales & Account Management
Service Delivery Account Management Vice President (East, Americas)
Vice President, Account Management
Regional Managing Director, Lead Hospitality Key Accounts & Gp Sales Excellence (India, Asia)
Senior VP, Managed Market Accounts
Account Manager & Vice President, Sales
Vice President, Account Manager
Vice President, Sales & Account Management
Vice President - National Accounts Manager
Account Management Vice President, Service Delivery
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