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Chief Executive Officer At Abid Associates
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, At Whetstone Associates
Chief Executive Officer of Blockchain Association
President and Chief Executive Officer Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association
Chief Executive Officer Salman Associates Estate and Builder
President and Chief Executive Officer of Ukrainian National Association, Inc
Rige Associates Ltd Founder & Chief Executive Officer
President & Chief Executive Officer, Jollymore & Associates Llc
President, David Johnson and Associates
President, Past At Association of Colllaborative Professionals (Ontario)
President, Life & Health Associates
President, Canadian Maritime Law Association
President, Past-, Northeast Association of Pre-Law Advisors
President, Immediate Past Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association
President, The County Bar Association (Peoria)
Alumni Association President
President, Dempsey Associates
Chief of Staff To Executive Vice President of People. Recruitment Associate
Chief Marketing Officer, At National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
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