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Chief Executive Officer & Master & Producer & Engineer & Writer & Arranger of Music, Video & Film Composer
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Engineer
Chief Executive Officer, Ultimate Engineering Consulting
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer A319 and 320 and 321 Chief Executive Officer (CFM56-5 and IAE V2500) and A319 and 320 and 321 NEO (LEAP 1A)
Chief Executive Officer & Chief Engineer
Chief Executive Officer and Recording and Mixing Engineer and Movie Director
Chief Executive Officer & Engineer
Chief Executive Officer & Ahwatukee Productions Llc Engineer
Chief Executive Officer Denny's Custom Engines
President & Lead Engineer
President, Electrical Engineering HOA Board
Chief Operating Officer & Speed Demon's Entertainment Software Development Engineer & Entertainer
Chief Technology Officer & Lead Software Engineer
Chief Technology Officer & Customer Solutions Engineer
President & Forensic Engineer
Chief Technology Officer & Software Engineer
Engineering Advisor
Chief Technology Officer, Led A Team of 40 World-Class Engineers
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer & Lead Engineer & Adoptive Brooklynite Senior Software Developer
Chief Technology Officer, Cpto & Vice President, Engineering
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