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Partnerships Director, Strategic Initiatives
Deputy IC Chief Data Officer & Deputy Assistant Director of National Intelligence (ADNI), Data & Partnerships
Managing Director, Gobal Partnerships
Managing Director, Manufacturing Partnership, Incentives & Tax Credits (Mit)
Managing Director, Partnerships & Civic Engagement
Managing Director, Partnership Development
Director, Innovative Partnerships
Director, Industrial Partnerships Program For The Computing & Computational Sciences
Director, Partnerships For Arms Safety & Control
Director, Partnerships, Vermont Department of Tourism & Marketing
Director, A, Programs & Partnerships
Director, Family & Community Partnership
Director, Strategic Partnerships & Military Outreach
Director, Partnerships
Deputy Director, Public Sector Partnerships
Assistant Director, Partnerships & Civic Engagement
Director, Climate Partnerships
Deputy Director, Research Partnerships & Technology Transfer
Director, Policy (External Partnerships )
Deputy Director, Office of Strategic Partnerships & Technology Innovation
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