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Chief Executive Officer, Project Management Office
Director (Special Projects) & Chief Executive Officer, S Office
Chief Executive Officer & Project Leader
Special Projects Officer & Chief Executive Officer, S Office
Chief Executive Officer, Special Projects, 's Office
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Investments & Mega Projects
Chief Financial Officer (Pif Project)
Project Cum PA To The Executive & Chief Financial Officer
Chief Marketing Officer, Mega Projects
Director, Project Management & Chief of Staff
President & Interior, Project Management Designer
Chief Operating Officer, Pif Projects
Chief Financial Officer, Projects
Project Management Chief Information Officer & Vice President
Chief Financial Officer, Fintech E & Wallet Strategical Start-Ups Change Management Technology Savvy Investment Strategy ERP Implementation Grc Project Management Restructuring Consultancy Mergers & Acquisitions Taqeem Fellowshi Leader
Chief Operating Officer, New Project To Establish A Subsidiary
Regional Senior VP, Project Management Office Head & Group Chief Operating Officer, Retail & Transformation Office
Executive VP, Corporate Banking & Project Finance
Executive VP, Investment Banking, Project Assesment, Sustainability & Impact Investment
Executive Vice President & Resources Officer (Business Intelligence, Human Resources, Employee Development & Project Management Office)