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Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Thomas Ho Company, Ltd & Thc Financial Engineering
President & Supervising Engineer
Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Engineering Superintendent
Chief Operating Officer & Mechanical Engineer
Chief Technology Officer & Principal & Software Engineer
Senior Chief Technology Officer & Engineer
President & Senior Engineer
Lead Software Engineer & Chief Technology Officer
Chief Technology Officer & Software Engineer
Chief Technology Officer, With & Chief Information Officer & Head Software Engineering & Chief Information Security Officer, Roles In Hedge Fund & Private Equity
Head Chief Technology Officer, Engineering & Architecture
Chief Technology Officer & Health Systems Ai Platform Engineering Cloud Transformation Innovation Leader
Founder & President & Engineer & Educator
Chief Technology Officer & Claimfy Head of Software Engineering
Vice President, Engineering
President & Financial Engineering, Loyola University Sellinger School of Business Adjunct Professor (Ugrad & Grad, Phoenix)
Chief Financial Officer, Technology & Software & Data Engineer & Tax Consultant & Cloud Cost Management Finops, Investment Advisor
Vice President, Engineering
Senior Software Engineer & Chief Technology Officer
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer & Frontend Engineer
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