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Chief Executive Officer & Principal & Teacher
Teacher and Chief Executive Officer
Attorney & Chief Operating Officer & Teacher
Acting HOY 11, Master Teacher, Phys. Ed, Engineer &PD Teacher. Co-ord Duke of Ed. Staff Associate President
President, American Federation of Teachers, Local 4254
Math and Sciences Teacher and President of the Physics Academy
AMU Teachers Association, President
President Nassau Community College Federation of Teachers
President & Teacher
Founder & President & Teacher
Teacher and President
Lecturer and Debre Markos University Teachers' Association President
Cpa President - Ombudsman - Post Graduation Academic Leadership - Teacher - Speaker
Administrative Fellow Office of the President At Teachers College
Controller & Adjunct Teacher
Mathematics Teacher- Grade8 Controller
Controller & Evaluator & Teachers Assistant
DMA, Senior Lecturer, President, Western Reserve Music Teachers Association
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Head of Teacher Education Unit
Managing Director of Secondary Teacher Education
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