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Head of Division of English
Ohs English, Instructor of English & Legal Studies Division Head
English and Humanities Division Director
Division Division Director, English Communications
Assistant Professor of English, English, Humanities, Social Sciences Division
Assistant Professor of Learning Support English and Division Coordinator of Learning Support
Division Chair of Humanities and Associate Professor of English
English Composition and Literature Instructor, Division Chair, Assessment Coordinator
Assistant Professor, English and Language Studies Division. Adjunct Faculty Coordinator
Associate Professor, DepartmentCollege English Division
Associate Professor, DepartmentCollege English Division
Professor of English and Associate Dean, Division of Arts and Letters
Assistant Professor of English, Communication, and Humanities. General Studies Division Chair
Associate Professor of English and Division Chair, Humanities
Division Faculty To Communication Computer Science & English Assistant
English of Research In Contemporary World Literature Division Editor
Division Chair, Department of Creative Writing, Department of English
Chair, English Division
Chair of the Division of Languages and Literature and Professor of English
Chair of Division VII (English and Comparative Literature, Creative Writing, and Theatre)