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last updated 1/19/2018

Chad R. Milliner

Senior Records Analyst at Inc.

1300 West Traverse Parkway, Lehi, Utah, United States
HQ Phone:
(801) 705-7000

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Professional Genealogist - genealogyPro

Missionary - LDS Australia Sydney Mission



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f o o t n o t e M a v e n

Chad Milliner, a Content Specialist for The Generations Network, Inc. (using the screen name Amanuensis), in a comment on "To Cache or Not to Cache: The Definitive Answer" wrote this about genea-bloggers:
"From the most recent posts that on the genealogical blogs right now, the genealogical blogging community appears to be an insular clique focused more on patting each other on the back than they are on actually creating something to benefit the genealogical community." I personally think Chad is wrong.

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More SSN info | The Legal Genealogist

First, from Ancestry's Chad R. Milliner, the tidbit that - starting in 2011 - new Social Security numbers (SSNs) began to be randomized so that the first three digits of new SSNs issued after 25 June 2011 won't tell you where the person applied for or was living when the SSN was issued.
Chad refers us all to the Social Security Administration website and its explanation of Social Security Number randomization there.1 Pity the poor 22nd century genealogist...

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Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: Internet Biographical Collection is Free at

Amanuensis's "signature" links to, the entry for a professional genealogist named Chad Milliner.I googled "chad milliner."The first result is a listing for Chad Milliner on zoominfo.It says that Chad Milliner is a Content Specialist for THE GENERATIONS NETWORK, aka MYFAMILY.COM aka ANCESTRY.COM!

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